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Nvidia's GT200 is a 65nm chip

by on01 February 2008


A big one that runs hot

We've learned that Nvidia's real next generation chip, codenamed GT200, is a 65nm chip. It sounds like it will run rather hot, as the last time we reported about it we learned that it will have more than a billion transistors.

ATI, on the other hand, has migrated with all its parts, low-end to high-end to 55 nanometer, but since the NV30 debacle Nvidia is simply too scared to risk it with a huge process transition; and, therefore, Nvidia is being very cautious. Nvidia doesn’t want to fail, as it has to be able to compete against the R700.

We also know that the GT200 is going to run hotter than the 9800GX2 dual chip card with two G92’s inside and that is quite a challenge.

Last modified on 02 February 2008
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