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Radeon HD 3670 benchmarked

by on10 January 2008

Draws more power than the 2600 XT

Expreview seems to be on a roll today, as not only did they benchmark the GeForce 9600 GT, but they've also tested AMD's new ATI Radeon HD 3670 card. This will replace the current Radeon HD 2600 XT, but looking at the early benchmark figures, this is a highly dissapointing card.

Compared to the Radeon HD 2600 XT, the HD 3670 is not a great improvement and with the current drivers, it's no more than five percent faster in most games, although it seems to be slightly better in F.E.A.R. and World in Conflict. However, it's also a lot worse than the 2600 XT in Half Life 2 Episode 2, as it's as much as 19.5 percent slower at 1,600x1,200.

Power consumption is also up over the 2600 XT, which is really strange, and it draws 8W more at idle and 7W more at load. AMD didn't move up to a 256-bit memory interface, either, so this looks like a card best avoided unless AMD can sort out some serious driver fix before the card is released, which we would expect them to.

Nonetheless, if you were holding on to see what the 3670 had to offer, we'd suggest to go for a 3850, as this looks like the way to go if you want an ATI card with reasonable performance that doesn't cost a small fortune.

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Last modified on 10 January 2008
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