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Gigabyte's cards now with Zalman

by on10 December 2007


Radeon HD 3800 series and Geforce 8800 GT


Gigabyte has announced four new cards recently, all of them cooled by Zalman's VF700 AlCu cooler and bundled with NeverWinter Nights 2.

We wrote about Radeon HD 3850 with 256MB and 512MB of memory here. Gigabyte also decided to cool the HD 3870 with Zalman VF700, as well. Unfortunately, the Zalman-cooled HD 3870 isn't listed on Gigabyte's Web site, but it will probably stay at reference clocks.

As for the Gigabyte 8800 GT, it will be also available in both 256MB and 512MB versions. The GPU clock is the same on both cards at 700MHz. The 512MB version uses GDDR3 memory clocked at 950MHz, while the Shader clock is set at 1700MHz. The Zalman-cooled 8800 GT 256MB version also uses GDDR3, but at lower 700MHz clock.

The Zalman-cooled 8800 GT 512MB version should sell for around €240, while the 256MB version still doesn't have a price, but it will probably be sold for around €200 if you manage to find it. Gigabyte's HD 3800 series is not yet available and the price is still unknown.



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