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Sapphire officially announces HD 3850 Ultimate

by on06 December 2007


Passively cooled HD 3850


Sapphire has officially announced its new Ultimate edition HD 3800 series graphics card. We wrote a lot about this card. since it is going to be the fastest passively cooled ATI card on the market, and actually the only passively cooled HD 3800 series card so far.

The specifications are now confirmed and the new card will come with 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at reference 828MHz (1.66GHz effective). The core has also remained at reference 668MHz, but keep in mind that this is the only silent HD3800 on the market. Of course, when the card is passively cooled, good case airflow is a must, even if the card has a large heatsink.

Like all HD 3800 series cards. this one also supports DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 and PCI-Express 2.0. It also supports CrossfireX and as stated in Sapphire's press release it will support two GPUs known as plain Crossfire, and also up to four GPUs with future driver releases. That heatsink looks big enough to cool down the 55nm HD 3850 GPU, but if you want to be sure, just wait for a few days. We've got a treat coming up soon.

The card is currently listed at 179 to over 200 euro, as you can see here.


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