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8800 GT has the biggest demand ever

by on06 December 2007


The best graphics card of all time?

Our sources have confirmed that Geforce 8800GT is selling like hotcakes and some industry veterans have told Fudzilla that this is the biggest demand they have ever seen with any graphics card.

This means that Nvidia really hit the sweet spot as they released a super powerful card at reasonable price, and this helped Nvidia win the hearts of many gamers. Everyone wants a G92 today. A local Viennese company has sold 70+ 8800GT cards in a matter of hours and they could sell many more than that if they could get more.

The big problem of this semiconductor company is that Nvidia cannot ship enough chipsets or finished cards, as it seems that no matter how many it ships, people want more.

We believe that Nvidia is heading toward its best quarter ever; but in some ways it did shoot itself in the leg, as this same chipset slowed the sales of 8800 Ultra and GTX cards.

Last modified on 07 December 2007
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