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Nvidia leaks 8800 GTS 512MB

by on04 December 2007


Updated: We expected a different source


The new 8800 GTS 512MB which should launch on 11th has been leaked on Nvidia's website. We expected some of the partners to actually leak this card, but we really can't complain about this source, either.

Final specs are 650MHz for the core, 1625MHz for Shader clock and 1000MHz (2000MHz effective) for 512MB of memory working on a 256bit memory interface. All this should give 64 GB/sec of memory bandwidth, same as on the old 8800 GTS 640/320MB 320-bit card. According to the Nvidia site it has a texture fill rate of 41.6 billion/sec which is much higher then 24 billion/sec on 8800 GTS cards.

How well this card will score in sales is a bit cloudy, since a lot of people want 8800 GT, and it should be less expensive then the new 8800 GTS. There is also a shortage issue, which has severely affected the 8800 GT and we can only hope that 8800 GTS will not have the same problem. You can find the page and details here, unless Nvidia takes it off its site. If they do, be sure to tell us since we have those precious screenshots stashed for that kind of situation.


Since Nvidia decided to take those specs off, here are the screenshots that we promised.



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