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8800 GTX end of life is January

by on03 December 2007


8800 GTS 640MB, as well

Nvidia plans to kill the 8800 GTX and 8800 GTS 640MB cards at end of January. This is an obvious sign that it plans to launch a new product that will take the place of the 8800 GTX.

The Geforce 8800 GTX will probably be remembered as one of the most successful products in Nvidia's history and if you got one a year ago, you are a happy man even now, more than a year after it launched. This card still plays all top games at top settings.

The Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS 640MB, together with 8800 Ultra are the only cards that can support Triple SLI, but we don’t think that Nvidia will have a mainstream success with this expensive setup and the new dual G92 based D8E is coming just weeks later. Tri SLI would be much better if it had launched back in October / November, as the company originally planned.

This will mean that the highly successful G80 chip is approaching its retirement.

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