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8800 GTS 512MB is quiet

by on29 November 2007


Looks sleek

A dual slot G92 based Geforce 8800 GTS with 512MB is a quiet card. Nvidia couldn't remove as much heat with a single slot cooler and decided to go for a dual slot; this, of course, made the whole system much more quiet.

The fan looks fancy and it looks like Nvidia’s cooling engineers put a lot of love into the development of this cooler; and even under heavy load you won’t hear the card.

This is what we wanted from 8800 GT and we will get it with 8800GTS 512MB. Some people even imply that the card will be branded as 8800 GTS V2.

It is the card for people who want to go for 1680x1050 or higher resolutions, as 8800GT might not be enough.

Last modified on 30 November 2007
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