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Another R680 card pictured

by on26 November 2007


One seriously big card

Although Fudo got us some nice R680 pictures here, Chiphell has got their hands on a slightly different looking card which seems to have been made for OEMs and System Integrators. It has an extender that makes it possible to mount this card in a slot at the front of the case which holds in in place, something that isn't standard in most cases these days. However, it was fairly commonplace back in the days of full-length ISA and VLB cards, and Dell still uses in some of its cases today.

Thanks to the clear plastic shrouding over the heatsink, it's easier to see what's underneath it and it has a massive heatsink, indeed. Some parts look like they're made from some sort of alloy, while others are made from copper, just as with the Radeon HD 2900XT. There are two big copper heatsinks and this gives away the two-chip design, but there's also a smaller heatsink in between the two.

It's very possible that AMD will be offering this card to companies such as Dell or HP, to name a couple of the big boys in town, but at the moment it's too early to tell. The card design makes sense, especially as Dell got a similar design from Nvidia for the 8800 GTX and Ultra cards they use. The full-length cards are more secure during transit and this would reduce RMAs and engineer call-outs.

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