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G98/D8M screen shots appear

by on19 November 2007


9.5x9mm die

A few screen shots comparing the G98/D8M with the current 8400GS GPU from Nvidia have appeared online, as well as a picture of the chip itself.

It seems like Nvidia has done some serious improvements to the new entry level GPU, as the clock speeds appear to be quite a lot faster, with the GPU some 110MHz faster than the currently available version. However, the Shader is the big thing here, as it's up from 918 to 1,400MHz in the screenshots.

We're not sure that these are correct, as GPU-Z is showing the G98/D8M to have only a single ROP which can't be correct. However, it looks like the entry level market got a performance boost once again and that's never a bad thing.

We also spotted a picture of what supposedly is the chip itself and the die measures 9.5x9mm compared to 11.5x11mm of the current model.

You can find the screen shots here and the pictures here

Last modified on 20 November 2007
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