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Improved FireGL driver expected in November

by on26 October 2007


Beats all Quadros

Our workstation sources have confirmed that the new FireGL cards based on the R6x0 marchitecture will get a new software boost.

AMD should have a brand new driver with some of the OpenGL parts rewritten from scratch, and this driver will speed up many applications, in some cases by as much as a factor of six (if not more). It will  be ready in November.

AMD has great pricing for these devices and, as this is a very profitable market, we expect that ATI might win some and Nvidia will lose some graphics margins.

No one expected that ATI might pull this rabbit out of its hat after years of Nvidia dominance, but we are sure that many workstation customers are considering DAAMIT as we speak. It will be an interesting Q4 2007 for AMD’s graphics parts.  

Last modified on 26 October 2007
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