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PowerColor HD2900 PRO review

by on05 October 2007


Reader contribution


One of our readers from Serbia contacted us a couple of days ago to share some nice news, he got a PowerColor HD2900 PRO card and set about testing it.


Ivan Gligorijev is your typical enthusiast, he didn't to wait for reviews, benchmarks or retailers in his home town, so he pulled a few strings and got his HD2900 PRO card straight from Germany as soon as it became available.

He published his review on the forum, the most popular IT site in Serbia. In fact his review was pretty good and it would put some reviewers to shame.


Since most Fudzilla readers would probably have some major language difficulties with the original text, here's a brief summary for you.

This was the testbed, an AMD X2 5600 on a Foxconn NF590SLI motherboard with 2 x 1GB G.Skill NQ. Catalyst 7.9 drivers with the latest hotfixes were used.

The initial non overclocked 3DMark06 score was around 9000, but the card soon proved it could do much more. Ivan overclocked the it to 740/825MHz and scored 10357 marks with ease. As if XT speeds weren't enough he went on to push it to 825/1000MHz and score 10927. Very impressive for a 220 euro card.


It performs well in games too, Bioshock at 1680x1050 runs at an average 50-55fps, MOHAA framerates range from 40-70, Test Drive unlimited scores 70-80, and never drops under 35. Farcry runs at 55-70 fps during combat.

Well, that's all for now, we salute Ivan on a job well done, if there were more more guys like him out there. For more info and screenshots you can check out the original thread here.

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