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Why EVGA black pearl water cooler matters?

by on21 August 2007


Why do you water cool a graphic card?

We had a chance to spend some time with EVGA and innovatek and we finally learned why the water cooler matters in the graphic world.

In worst case scenario Geforce 8800 GTX will dissipate up to 180W and Nvidia’s refernce cooler is able to remove this much of the heat out of the chip. The trouble with Nvidia’s reference cooler is that it can remove 180W but at 90 degrees celsius chip temperature while water cooler can remove 180W at 50 degrees chip temperature.

This is why it makes sense to water cool the graphic cards as it will simply make the whole system more quiet and will likely prolong the life of the product.

That is why Black perl makes sense.  

Last modified on 21 August 2007
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