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USB monitors are for business people

by on21 June 2007


Financial / Matrox market is the target

USB monitors no matter how cool this might sound are for the business use for the time being. DisplayLink company wants to attack financial market primarily and these guys only need 2D desktop and a bunch of graphs and sheaths.

This is a primary target and this is what Samsung is aiming with its first USB model. The good thing about this Samsung display is that it will automatically install itself as the display has a flash memory inside with the drivers and the next time you connect the display to your machine or laptop it will simply remember the settings. As it is based on software graphic acceleration it is not for gamers, you will have to skip this one.

This is quite an achievement as it will make multi display easy and everyone who used ATI and Nvidia graphic cards knows that it is not the easiest thing to do it now. Matrox is and it should be scared as the USB displays will take some of its financial and corporate markets.

The best thing for the big corporations is that USB monitors won’t let you play your favorite 3D games or High definition videos but you will be fine watching a Youtube videos.




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