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When the prices go down you integrate

by on11 June 2007


Dave Says Fusion it

In our recent
conversation, Dave Orton, the CEO of ATI, made an interesting comment about Fusion and the necessity to integrate products.

Once your device, such as an UMPC gets to a sub $800 price you need to integrate as many components you can in order to continue making money.

Fusion is meant to save power but at the same time to get a balanced core that can drive a UMPC or a similar integrated device while allowing a semiconductor company to earn some money. It is getting really hard to earn the money from these small and cheap cores and once AMD gets a CPU, a GPU and a Northbridge together, the company will again be able to get some money of these chips.

So fusion is more a necessity then a compromise and this is just an extension of what ATI and Qualcomm did with a mobile phone processor which can do graphics, CPU and multimedia, all in one chip. You can bet that Intel will fusion it as some point.  

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