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Radeon 2900XT, 2600XT and 2400XT specs

by on11 May 2007


Radeon HD 2000 clocks and details

ATI will introduce high end, mainstream and entry level cards based on R600 marchitecture. Let's tell you all the details. The high end one is called Radeon HD 2900XT so no surprises here. It is clocked at 742 MHz and 1650 for the memory.

 It has a 512 bit memory bus and 512 MB memory. The chip has 320 Shader units (Stream processors ) and the GPU has 700 million transistors. The card has 16x2 ROPs but we don't understand this part. We reported all this before on the site. The suggested retail price is € or $399.

The mainstream part is called Radeon HD 2600XT and there will be a PRO version later on. This delayed part will only be paper launched on Monday. Radeon HD 2600XT is based on RV630, 65 nanometre chip has 120 Shader units (Stream processors ), 4x2 ROP's (Raster Operators) a massive 390 million transistors 128 bit memory and 256 MB of it.

The core works at 800 MHz while the memory runs at 2200 MHz. the suggested retail price of this part is $/€199. The volume production and any real availability is expected in late June.

The last one is called Radeon HD 2400XT and this baby is also ready for paper launch. It has 40 Shader units, 4x2 ROPs and its RV610 chip has 180 million transistors. The good news is that the chip is 65 nanometre, delayed but coming and that it works at 700 MHz core clock and 1600 MHz memory.

The part that really sucks is that ATI crippled this chip to 64 bit memory interface only so 8500 will probably rip its heart and they both costs about $ or €100. The Radeon HD 2400 XT has 256 MB of memory and the real volume production comes in late June.

Now you know it all.

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