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Radeon HD, RV630 UVD pictured

by on26 April 2007


How the Video decoder works

We had a chance to get the latest about the RV630 video capabilities. The Radeon HD 2600 generation of cards will end up with a special part of the GPU called UVD. We wrote about this here.

UVD or Universal Video Decoder is based on Xilleon video processor. You can read more about this marchitecture at ATI's website here.

As we mentioned before, the RV630 chip can cope with two independent video source. The chip can do a dual stream decoding and image processing. It is all flavored with Charlie D's favorite DRM infection.

The concept is rather simple. The resource scheduler decides what to do with streams as the first one can be showed as real HD quality video while the second stream can be used for its Picture in Picture feature.

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