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ATI Radeon HD X2900 XTX final spec

by on25 April 2007


R600 at 800MHz / 1024MB DDR4 at 2200MHz

The samples are out. ATI already has samples of R600XTX or Radeon HD 2900XTX and XT cards. The new XTX card might be delayed, but some sources also say that ATI might have a handful of these cards for launch.

ATI chanced its launch plans so often that it became ridiculous. The R600 card has two DVI connectors and a PCI Express 16X plug. It comes with two power connectors, one eight pin that we talked about here and one six pin.

The card itself works at 800 MHz core and it can be overclocked even more. It comes with 2200 MHz GDDR4 memory. The 1024 MB memory works with a 512 bit memory interface. The card supports DirectX 10 and Shader model 4.0.

The card is native crossfire ready and you won't need these annoying external cables anymore. Maximal power consumption is listed as 230 W and the current sample is a HDCP ready.

The card supports S-Video out, dual monitor setup and TV IN and Out. The new card as we reported here runs just fine but we are still not sure does it comes in May or later.






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