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R600 performance questionable

by on05 March 2007

Was not enough to beat G80 - today

We learned
that R600 got delayed because of the performance issues as well. The card that was initially planned for 28th of March is delayed to early May now. R600 GDDR4 part has some issues and it got delayed but we also learned that DAAMIT was also not that happy about the performance of the R600 card.

The performance as we learned was too close to G80 and it was even losing in some tests to Nvidia's high end G80. It is nothing to be worry about as the clocks can be adjusted and I can guaranty that R600 will end up faster than G80 but the real trouble is that Nvidia works on the new chip and will be ready to jump on ATI's delayed back. There might be a new driver as well.

As soon as ATI kick the G80 in the nutz Nvidia will be ready with its new chip and will introduce so call Geforce 8900 GTX cards. R600 is definitely one of the biggest misses for ATI in its long history. It will definitely announce the end of an era, filled with delays.

R600 should end up with Radeon X2900 DE – Delayed Edition name, and DAAMIT it better be good as we hope we didn’t wait for nothing.

Last modified on 09 March 2007
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