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It's Atom day

by on03 June 2008


Computex 08: Intel's says it's 100x faster than a 286

Today the Atom processor for Nettops, the N230 and the Atom processor for Netbooks, the N270, was officially launched with surprisingly little fanfare by Intel. Fudzilla was there to bring you the scoop and we have tons of pictures for you to have a look at of various devices.

The two processors differ slightly with the N270 featuring a 2.5W TDP and enhanced SpeedStep technology, something the N230 lacks. The N270 will be paired up with the 945GSE chipset, while the desktop machines will use the 945GC chipset, with the 945GSE featuring some extra power saving features over the 945GC.

Intel seems to have added support for PCI Express last minute for the Atom platform, or at least that is what the press release seems to indicate, although we heard that x16 slots won't be allowed.

During the launch Noury Al-Khaledy, GM of Nettop and Netbook computing at Intel, said that the Atom is 100 times faster than the 286; we expected it to be a good bit faster than that. He also said that the Nettops and Netbooks had been designed for children and older users, which sounds familiar, as Asus said that the Eee PC was for women and children.

Nonetheless, we snapped as many pictures as we could of as many devices as we could get to after the presentation and the only one we really missed was Dell's device, which was nowhere to be seen.

We've uploaded some larger than normal pictures to Picasa for your viewing pleasure and you can find them here.

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