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Nvidia's chipsets go to 65nm

by on14 January 2008


A transition is in the air

In last week's CES meeting, the first in years that we had with Nvidia, a nice chap named Brian explained that Nvidia is transitioning toward 65nm chipsets.

The last recently announced 780i (Intel based) is the same old 80 nanometer chipset, but the new AMD-based 780a and the other AMD's 7x0 series will support the Hybrid SLI. Some of this generation will go for 65nm. It looks like Geforce 8200 IGP will be Nvidia’s first 65nm chipset and others will follow.

Many will know that Nvidia’s current chipsets tend to get very hot and going down to 65nm will cool things down.

Last modified on 15 January 2008
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