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OCZ Enyo comes soon

by on04 May 2010


External USB 3.0 drive in mid May

OCZ's Enyo
, an external USB 3.0 SSD-based drives are just around the corner and according to our info, it should hit retail sometime in mid May. The impressive specifications of the Enyo makes it quite an interesting product, especially considering that USB 3.0 is getting more and more attention these days.

The OCZ Enyo will be available in 64, 128 and 256GB capacities and all three drives use MLC NAND flash memory, have 64MB of on board cache and USB 3.0 Micro B connector interface.

Since we are talking about a USB 3.0 SSD-based external drive, you can expect speeds of up to 260MB/s for read and up to 200MB/s for write, with sustained speeds of up to 150MB/s for 128GB and 256GB versions. The 64GB one will have a bit lower speeds of up to 225MB/s for read and up to 135MB/s for write with sustained write of up to 40MB/s.

As noted, the availability is expect in mid May while although we didn't score a precise info about the prices since these are not yet finalized, our sources suggested that it might end up somewhere near the Sandforce based Vertex 2 SSD, probably slightly higher.


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