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Sony goes mental with new licence

by on23 April 2010


Can break into your home

Playstation maker Sony appears to have had a rush of blood to the head when it designed the new EULA for its Playstation 3.

Apparently that machine that you shelled out good money for is not actually yours to do with what you want but is on loan from at the whim of the company. The latest firmware comes with a 1,770 word End User License Agreement which you have to digitally sign. Version 3.30 fixes some stability issues, adds sorting options for trophies and reportedly paves the way for forthcoming 3D content.

However it also includes a new EULA which says that Sony may provide updates, upgrades or services to your PS3 system to ensure it is functioning properly in accordance with SCE guidelines or provide you with new offerings. “Some services may be provided automatically without notice when you are online, and others may be available to you through Sony's online network or authorised channels.”

Services may include the provision of the latest update or download of new release that may include security patches, new technology or revised settings and features which may prevent access to unauthorised or pirated content, or use of unauthorised hardware or software in connection with the PS3 system.
You may not be able to view your own content if it includes or displays content that is protected by authentication technology. Some services may change your current settings, cause a loss of data or content, or cause some loss of functionality.

One line has got our attention which is "Some services may be provided automatically without notice when you are online". This means that Sony can do whatever the hell it wants to do to the content of your PS3 without notifying you or asking your permission. Thanks to Thinq for pointing this out.

It appears that Sony forces users to sign an agreement which allows you to use a piece of hardware which you have paid for, but allows Sony to make any changes they see fit to the way the console operates without notification or permission. In fact it could just switch you off completely and you would not have a leg to stand on.

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