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Java creator leaves Oracle

by on12 April 2010


You probably were not expecting this


If Oracle hoped that it would keep most of Sun's talent when it bought the outfit it was sadly mistaken.

James Gosling, the creator of the Java programming language, has resigned from Oracle and cleaned out his desk. Gosling said he quit on April 2, but has not joined any other organization. He was serving the company as the chief technology officer for Oracle's client software group.

When Oracle bought Sun, the outfit's Java properties were high on its shopping list of reasons, so this should be a blow. He has not said why he has left, but it appears that he does not like his new overlords.

Gosling had stressed the importance of Java to Oracle last month. But he also regretted the growing politicization of the Java Community Process. So far CEO Jonathan Schwartz, and XML co-inventor Tim Bray have also left Sun.

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