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Spaniards claim Natal is awesome

by on12 April 2010


Early looks prove Microsoft is busy tweaking it

It appears
that Microsoft is working around the clock to have Natal locked and loaded for E3, and with all the ruckus around the company’s new controller, Microsoft is bent on making the controller worthwhile.

Engadget Spain says that sensor sensitivity is amazing, and virtually instantaneous in single player games. Furthermore, they claim that while the lag is higher in multiplayer games, console reaction times are impressive. The preview system ran pretty well and it had no trouble discerning among two players and even ignoring persons occasionally passing by.

Even more so, BeeGamer says “I could not resist to do some breakdance moves seen as reacting to the avatar, and the sequence and movement coordination was perfect.”

Considering that these are still pre-production samples that are still being polished, it seems we’re all in for a treat, but we should see the final production samples and find out more on this year’s E3.

More here and here (in Spanish).

Last modified on 12 April 2010
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