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British politician's wife miffed at Twitter snoopers

by on02 February 2010


Wants privacy on Twitter

The missus
of a British politician is incandescent with rage over the antics of site which monitors MPs' movements.

EyeSpyMP runs all the twitters of local politicians which can lead to a lot of personal information being leaked to the great unwashed about them. Commons Speaker's wife Sally Bercow has complained about being featured on the site. While it might be ok for MPs who are public figures, Bercow does not think she is one.

She wrote on her her page of the Twitter social networking site: "I am not an MP. I just live here. So stop reporting my movements." The owner of the site has replied that Bercow Twitters her movements far more than normal people and she must love the limelight.

EyeSpyMP has reported sightings of Mrs Bercow drinking coffee and playing with her daughter. We would have thought it was like watching paint dry. Bercow is however not exactly an innocent bystander. She is standing for Labour in Westminster in May's local elections.

When rebuffed, she adds: "You are not being v. nice. You are clearly a bunch of Tories."

Bercow's husband John was a Conservative MP before being elected Speaker last year. Her page tells of her political views and daily life inside and outside the Speaker's Westminster Palace apartment.
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