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Zotac working on new MAG nettops

by on15 January 2010


Barebone versions coming

Like every other Nvidia partner, Zotac is quite keen on getting its hands on Fermi, but that doesn't mean that you have to sit with your hands crossed and wait for it, so Zotac showed some quite neat MAG nettops that will be hopefully be ready for March and probably announced during CeBIT.

When compared to previous generation older MAG nettops, these will have a new case which will offer easy opening and upgrading, something that the last MAG series lacked. Zotac did a nice preview at CES 2010 showing a Pinetrail based MAG with a Geforce G210 discrete graphics card.

After talking to Zotac, we managed to score an information that the new MAG will be available both as a system with all the included components and also as a barebone which means that it will lack HDD and memory so users can choose their own. Another interesting piece of info is that Zotac will be expanding its MAG to other platforms so the new offer should include Intel's CULV with GS45 Express chipset, Intel's Pinetrail and AMD's Congo which came as a surprise.

In any case all of these platforms sound like a great deal, especially if you get to choose your own HDD and amount of memory. The downside is that both the full system and barebone come without an installed OS so this one might be considered as a system for enthusiasts and not for those that usually tinker with OS installations and hardware upgrading. The precise details about the specifications, price and availability will be available at CeBIT in March so its too early to talk about those.

You can find more pictures here.



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