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Microsoft miffs customers

by on13 January 2010


Tricky business retail

is miffing thousands of its top customers by making them wait in a long support line after scrambling their site-access permissions were scrambled during a December upgrade.

Redmond decided to upgrade the software at its Volume Licensing Service Centre and tried to merge several support Web sites into one. However the VLSC had a bit of a problem when it was tested and in December Redmond took down the site for five days to fix it. However when the site came back up many customers found they could not log into the system to access their applications.

Speaking to Seattle Pi Redmond said that most of its partners and customers were able to access the system, there remain some issues that are causing difficulties for some and it has taken us longer than expected to fix. Apparently what is taking so long is that each customer or partner must be dealt with individually. This means a call to the centre and lots of recorded music being played at fuming punters. Many of those affected have been locked out for nearly a month and they aren't too happy about it.

Dealing with VLSC is like having bowel surgery without the fun, said one punter who apparently had experience with both.
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