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Microsoft pulls the plug on a million Xbox Live users

by on12 November 2009


One in 20 is a pirate

has banned more than a  million players from its 20 million-strong Xbox Live gaming service. The move, which effects one in every 20 Windows Live users, comes about because Redmond is convinced the users have modified their consoles to play games illegally downloaded from file-sharing sites.

In a statement Microsoft said that all consumers should know that piracy is illegal and that modifying their Xbox 360 console to play pirated discs violates the Xbox Live terms of use. This voids their warranty, and will result in a ban from Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 consoles are equipped with digital-rights management, or DRM, technologies that can detect pirated software, but some players have managed to modify their machines to circumvent the protections.

It is not clear how Microsoft uncovered the users' modifications or how accurate it has been on detected the mods.
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