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No sign of January Core 2 price cuts

by on26 October 2009



doesn't plan to cut and Core 2 generation CPU prices even though it knows that many dual and quad cores-are overlapping.

The current decision is to keep the COre 2 Duo and Quad CPU prices at the same levels at least until January 17th and if it chances its mind, Intel might do some price cuts at later date.

Currently fastest Core 2 Duo, the E8600 clocked at 3.33GHz will remain at $266 and this one will definitely go head to head with Core i5 670 clocked at3.46GHz. Core i5 will definitely be the faster of the two.

The same goes for many other Core 2 Duo CPUs as they will continue selling regardless of Core i5 Westmere 32nm Clarkdale launch.

Core 2 Quad CPUs are already overlapping with many Core i5 and Core i7 Lynnfield-based CPUs, but so far Intel didn't cut any prices of its "old" 45nm Yorkfiled based CPUs.
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