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Facebook six await sacking news

by on18 September 2009


Don't mess with the Man

Six prison
workers must wait until next week to find out if they will be sacked for criticising their bosses on Facebook.

The six had a good moan about their bosses on their various Facebook pages. Rather than wondering if there was a problem and investigating it, the US Corrective Service Department is considering firing them. The officers have each been sent a letter indicating the Corrective Services Department is considering sacking them for misconduct over comments they made on Facebook, which the department described as "bullying" and "harassment".

However the public sector union, which regards the sacking threat as an attempt to stifle dissent, has taken the matter to the Industrial Relations Commission. It wants the IRC to put a hold on any sacking attempts and also to consider a change to the award safeguarding the rights of workers to speak freely outside work hours.

The IRC case has been adjourned for now but expect to see “Free the Facebook Six T-shirts”.
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