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Google's Gmail crashes

by on02 September 2009


Look Mum the Internet is broken

Google's Gmail
web-based email service has been restored for millions of users worldwide after an outage lasting at least two hours.

According to Google the problem with Google Mail is now resolved and there is nothing to see here move on please. It is the second major disruption was in February, when about 113 million users in Europe, Asia, the US and elsewhere were unable to get into their accounts.

The service also crashed a few times in 2008 but underwent significant upgrades and operated without incident until the February outage. However this time a lot more of the world is dependent on Google's technology. Gmail is the world's third most-popular email program with about 149 million users worldwide in June, ranking behind the free email services offered by Microsoft and Yahoo. Google has been encouraging more businesses to use its services which it delivers using cloud based computing.

Google claims that its web-based services are more reliable than those handled in-house, but big outages such as yesterday's pour cold water on that idea. The big crash follows a small outage on Monday that wiped out email to only a "small subset" of users.

Tuesday afternoon's outage affected "a majority" of Gmail users and lasted about an hour and 45 minutes until the problem was fixed, the company said. It is not saying what went wrong or why back-up servers failed to work.
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