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Verizon worker beats up customer

by on19 August 2009


Snapped, crackled and popped

A Verizon
worker snapped and thumped a Queens customer after the man asked for his ID. Repairman Robert Benjamin allegedly pummeled Aubrey Isakson, 37, when the Sunnyside man balked at letting the tech inside of his apartment.

According to the New York Post, which had a look at the lawsuit filed in Queens Supreme Court, Benjamin shouted "You want to know my name? Here's my name!" And pressing his ID card into Isakson's face. Isakson claimed that Benjamin hit him two or three times in the head, bloodied his face and broke his glasses, then grabbed him around the neck and pressed him up against a wall.

Isakson broke free, but fractured his ankle running down the stairs as he got help. An off-duty cop neighbor grabbed Benjamin, and the techie was arrested and charged with assault. The case is being fought in a civil court because prosecutors offered to dismiss the case if the phone guy didn't get into any trouble for six months.

A Verizon spokesman noted that Benjamin wasn't convicted of any crime and had been a model employee since the incident.

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