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Leo platform to come in early 2010

by on21 July 2009


DDR3 all along

The chipset
that makes up the backbone of AMD's Leo platform, codenamed RD890, was supposed to come in Q4 2009 and with him also the Leo platform.

Now it looks like that the platform got a bit delayed and that Leo won't be arriving before early 2010. Leo is all about 45nm processors that will be arriving in 2010 and the ones that have already been announced. It supports AM3 socket, DDR3 memory, HT 3.0 and Crossfire multi GPU technology.

The other chipset that qualifies for the Leo platform is the RS880, a new IGP chipset that is also scheduled for early 2010 arrival. Both chipsets will interconnect with the new SB850 Southbridge.
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