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Atom N450 gets lukewarm reception

by on08 July 2009


High inventories of old parts

to Digitimes, vendors are not thrilled about Intel's new Atom N450.

It seems some vendors have overestimated netbook demand, and as a result they are stuck with overstocked inventories of current-gen Atoms. Furthermore, the new generation won't bring much in terms of performance, although it will enable vendors to design slimmer,more power efficient netbooks.

Due to high inventories of current models, vendors have reduced cutting further R&D and marketing spending for netbook products. Some vendors will apparently wait and see what market leaders Acer and Asustek do, and will not rush to introduce N450-based products.

On the bright side, we can at least look forward to cheap N270-based products as vendors try get rid of their stock.

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