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Google to pull plug on email in Germany?

by on27 June 2007

Will happen if new law is passed

Germany is considering to introduce a new law which makes anonymous email just a memory, due to its improved anti-terrorist measures. We're failing to see how banning anonymous email within one coutry will make any difference whatsoever, but hey, this is Germany, so we don't dare to question them.

However, Google is considering to pull its Google Mail service in Germany (Gmail was already taken) as it's saying that the new law goes against its core values of its email service. Google claims that "anonymity is essential to spam protection and preserving freedom of speech in the face of government restrictions" and we're happy to agree.

If this new law is passed it will come in effect as of next year and it means that all communications data will be stored for six months, be it internet related, mobile phone or standard land lines. Quite scary, don't you think? It gives the German government the ability to snoop on stuff you did six months ago and they don't even have to ask for your permission.

Let's hope there are enough sane German politicians so that this law doesn't get passed, as it seems like an utter breach of peoples privacy and it might just spread outside of Germany, as many silly laws spread from one country to another. Be aware, big brother is looking over your shoulder.
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