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Zumba claims the best voice recognition

by on02 February 2009


100% accurate

IA Technologies
claims that it has developed the world's first fully accurate voice recognition handset.

The Zumba uses an earpiece stuck to the back of a credit card-sized handset, the phone can then be operated almost entirely by your voice. It reads out text messages so all you need is to press a button to respond.

There is a circular dial with alphabetic keys for inputting contacts and removing the earpiece activates a connection to the internet, allowing you access to all your information. The contact list is not stored in the machine but wired to a '100 per cent secure' website, which means that if you ever lose the phone it would be inoperable by somebody that found it.

No news when the beast will be in the shops yet. Or how accurate those claims are when we get our hands on one.
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