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Asus shows off T91 tablet Eee PC

by on07 January 2009


We told you it was coming

Although the T91 tablet Eee PC might be news for some, we were expecting it to be shown at CES as Asus had already told us about a while back. The T91 is one of two tablet models that will join the Eee PC family of netbooks.

The T91 features an 8.9in touch screen and a 10in version should also become available, although we're not sure if this will be announced at CES or not. Amazingly, the T91 seems to be the lightest 8.9in Eee PC from Asus as yet, as it weighs in at a mere 900 grams. Although we expect this to be with a 3-cell battery and a 6-cell battery would easily take it up over 1kg.

Part of the reason behind the low weigh seems to be the fact that Asus has gone for an Atom Z520 processor which is clocked at 1.33GHz. This Z-series Atom processor is most likely paired up with the single chip US15W chipset and as this chipset runs much cooler than the 945GSE, a simpler cooling solution can be used which helps reduce the overall system weight.

At 2.54cm thick, it's not the thinnest netbook, but we can forgive that given the swivel display. Asus has also managed to squeeze in a GPS receiver and a TV-tuner which is no mean feat considering the weight. The design looks like it's borrowed heavily from the S101, but sadly the keyboard is also the same with the shift key on the wrong side of the cursor keys. No pricing or availability details have been revealed as yet.

You can find a picture and some more details here

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