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Lian Li to announce PC-888 case at CES

by on07 January 2009


UPDATED: Designed after a luxury hotel in Dubai


For those of you who are always hopeful of being handed a luxurious dream vacation to Dubai, the engineers over at Lian-Li may just have the solution for you and for your PC.  This week, the company hopes to shake things up with the announcement of one of its new luxury edition cases, the Lian-Li PC-888. 

Distinctive by its seemingly peculiar aesthetics, the new case is set to make a bold appearance at this year's CES.  With a design inspired by the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, it will definitely be welcomed into the company's consistent off-the-wall lineup.

The first aspect of this new case which catches the eye is perhaps its deep magnetic blue exterior composed of solid anodized aluminum.  Although we may have personally preferred a black or gunmetal gray, the color definitely sets a name for itself and complements a unique marketing trait. 

Additionally, the interior is housed with room for a full ATX motherboard, four hot-swap hard disk drive bays, three 120mm speed controlled cooling fans and pre-stealthed drive bays. On another note, the inside is honestly quite compact for what may look like a larger chassis.

We look forward to seeing this new chassis and its unique design in person at Lian-Li's showcase booth during CES just shortly. Until then, you can view more pictures over at here and here, and if you want to compare it to the actual hotel you can find a picture of it here.

UPDATE: We've just recieved some additional information, and the case will be priced at about $600. Due to such high pricing, we wouldn't bet on whether it'll be a great seller or not, but pricing is understandable since it's a limited edition and not aimed at the mainstream market. However, since the cheapest rooms in Burj Al Arab cost $1.000 a night, this case is still a cheaper option for experiencing the hotel, not to mention that it'll last longer than just one night.


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