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Zune 30GB "glitch" fixed, says Microsoft

by on02 January 2009


After full battery charge

On New Year's Eve
, many owners of 30GB Zune media players were untimely welcomed with a software bug that had caused the device to freeze up and become 24-hour paperweights. Microsoft's technical team quickly jumped on the issue and announced that a fault in the internal clock driver had caused the device to overlook the 266th leap day in 2008.

On today's note, the issue should have automatically corrected itself, as the software consults the internal clock to account for the extra day.  Microsoft spokesman Brian Eskeridge states, "By charging the device and having turned it on January 1st (or later) owners should be able to get the gadget back to normal." 

The few people who are still reporting problems are urged to allow the device to fully recharge before seeing if it has been restored to normal conditions.

The software glitch only affected the first Zune model, released November 14, 2006 with a 30GB capacity.
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