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OCZ trails Corsair with DDR3 at 2,000MHz

by on19 December 2008


Race to retail

the latest preview of Corsair's Dominator GT 6GB triple-kit, guys at OCZ decided not to wait for CES to announce the new Blade series, including the OCZ Blade DDR3-2000 6GB triple-channel kit.

The new kit has three 2GB modules rated at 2,000MHz with 7-8-7-20 latencies at Core i7 friendly 1.65Volts. The new Blade series will come with a new heatspreader that is designed so it has increased surface cooling area without compromising the sleek, low profile of memory modules.

The new Blade series kit is also backed by a lifetime warranty, and OCZ keeps info tight, as it just doesn't want to spoil the CES show surprise. According to our info, the new OCZ DDR3-2000 Blade series 6GB kit should retail at around €300, maybe even less. If this is true then the prices of DDR3 memory are to drop in January, as the Reaper 6GB kit working at 1866MHz with 9-9-9-28 latencies are currently selling for €311.30.

Corsair's new Dominator GT works at these same specifications and both of them will be showcased at CES 2009. OCZ claims that the new Blade kit will be available shortly after CES 2009, and we heard that Corsair should also be available in January. This looks like a good old race to retail. All we have to do now is wait for CES to finish in order to see which one will be cheaper and which one will hit retail sooner.


Last modified on 20 December 2008
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