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iPhone users move to Wi-Fi

by on19 December 2008


AT&T 3G is pee pee

A top blogger has waded into AT&T's 3G performance saying that it was about as predictable as Lindsay Lohan's mood. However, since he will not give up their iPhone Om Malik at GigaOm said that he is using Wi-Fi instead. He claims that iPhone users are opting for Wi-Fi when it's available most of them are using such networks automatically without engaging brain.

His comments are backed by a survey from Admob which said that "In the US, eight percent of total requests in November were on WiFi networks, up from  percent in August. 42 percent of iPhone requests are made from WiFi, notably higher than most other WiFi capable phones which average between 10-20 percent. iPhone WiFi usage is generally higher on iPhone specific sites and applications than on normal mobile sites."

This will be bad news for Verizon Wireless, which has opted not to support Wi-Fi on some of its top phones, such as the BlackBerry Storm. Verizon said the Wi-Fi support chewed up too much battery.

It is fairly clear that Verizon was more spooked about IP services like Skype and Truphone, which allow users to bypass the network to make free and low-cost phone calls.
Last modified on 20 December 2008
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