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Smoothcreations announces its Core i7 systems

by on20 November 2008


Core i7 in a custom painted case

Smoothcreations, the makers of super high-end systems with a touch of high-quality custom paint, have announced its latest line of custom PC gaming systems, the Smoothcreations Prophet i7 series. The new series comes with Intel's latest desktop platform based on the X58 chipset and Core i7 CPU.

In combination with the beautiful custom paint job that Smoothcreations is famous for, these new Prophet i7 systems will certainly be the star of any LAN party. The case design is based on Silverstone's FT 01 case, and the system can be equipped with a Core i7 CPU, an MSI X58 motherboard, up to 12GB of Corsair DDR3 memory, up to 1TB hard drive space, and custom painted Logitech G15 keyboard and G5 mouse.

Other noted specs include either a 700W, 800W or 1100W modular PSU from Tagan, depending on the configuration. The new Prophet i7 can be equipped either with Geforce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4870, or you can go for the top of the range offer with two Geforce GTX 280 in SLI or two Radeon HD 4870 X2 cards in CrossFireX.

Smoothcreations is bundling these systems with Windows Vista 64-bit, Office 2007, and Ubisoft's Far Cry 2, so you can instantly get a taste of the systems' gaming power.

The new Prophet i7 systems are available immediately at Smoothcreations' Website with a starting price of US $1,995, which can go all the way up to $3,895, depending on the configuration. All Prophet i7 systems are backed by three years of warranty.


Last modified on 21 November 2008
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