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Intel X38 pixelized

by on01 June 2007


Requires heat spreader

VR-Zone has managed to snap a picture of the upcoming Intel X38 chipset and it's a big sucker with a heat spreader covering the core. Just how hot will this chipset run?

Well, according to VR-Zone when the X38 is running dual x16 PCI Express graphics cards it hits over 60 degrees C, which is more than some Core 2 Duo processor under normal usage.

VR-Zone also states that the board makers are working on some advanced heat pipe cooling solutions for the X38 and the heat spreader would come in handy here as it should allow for good thermal transfer and reduce the chance of damage due to a heavy cooling solution.

We will bring you more info about the X38 chipset next week as we will be at Computex.

You can find the picture of the X38 chipset here


Last modified on 01 June 2007
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