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Work PC used mostly for Email, Web surfing

by on28 October 2008


Doing a job does not enter into it

Most PCs
at work are being used for email, shopping, surfing and other personal business, according to a survey. The survey of IT managers in North America, Britain and Europe found that seventy-four percent of office workers use their work computer for personal tasks.

Only fifteen percent of people do not use their work computers for personal purposes while 11 percent of the respondents preferred not to answer the question. The most frequent personal use of a work PC was to send email to friends and family, followed by looking at Web sites, 84 percent, banking and personal finance, 68 percent, and shopping on the Web, over half.

More than half of people use their work computer to listen to music or look at pictures and video, while 44 percent use it for Instant Messaging chat with friends and family. However, it is not all grim. Employees might use their work computers for personal activities, but they're also using their home computers for work.

More than 90 percent of employees own a PC at home and 85 percent use it for work reasons.
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