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CDs to be replaced by memory card

by on22 September 2008


SanDisk's cunning plan

Memory maker
SanDisk wants to replace some CD sales with fingernail-sized memory cards. SanDisk has recruited four major record labels and retailers, Best Buy and Wal-Mart Stores, to put albums onto microSD memory cards.

Cards will be loaded with music in the MP3 format and free of copy protections. Called "slotMusic," the new format is meant to provide a bridge between CDs and online music. Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music and EMI are hoping slotMusic can be another physical revenue source and one that is more versatile than CDs.

SlotMusic albums can be played on mobile phones and multimedia players. The new albums will come with a small USB dongle that lets buyers use them with computers. SlotMusic albums will be sold on 1 gigabyte microSD cards, which means they will be able to hold a full album and related content such as liner notes and cover art.

No word on what the compression on these cards is. With 1GB to play with; they will not have to be compressed at all, so the quality should be good.
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