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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is here

by on04 September 2008


Not really that cheap

Dell has unveiled its Inspiron Mini 9 today, which is its first Atom powered netbook and it looks like Dell isn't giving the competition as much of a run for their money as expected. Right now there only seems to be one base specification with Windows XP Home which is going for US$449/€369/£299 depending on where you live, although the price in the US is meant to include a $45 instant saving.

The interesting thing is that between the US and Europe there are some specification differences, as the US model only comes with an 8GB SSD, while in Europe you get 16GB (you have to pay $40 extra for it in the US) which makes that extra €59 that you have to pay for it in Europe compared to the US a bit more worthwhile.

Other specifications include an Atom N270 processor, the Intel 945GSE chipset, 1GB of DDR2 533MHz memory, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 (can be removed in the US for a saving of $20), a 1.3Megapixel webcam, a 4-cell battery and of course an 8.9in LED backlit display with a resolution of 1,024x600. There are also three USB 2.0 ports, 10/100Mbit Ethernet, a D-sub connector, a multi-format card reader and a headphone and mic jack.

The standard colour is black, although in the US you can get it in white for an extra $25, but this option doesn't seem to be available in Europe as yet. Oddly enough the UK page is missing, despite the product being listed, you can't actually purchase one as of right now, so we don't know if the UK model differs in any way.

Dell is supposedly also meant to have a couple of Ubuntu powered versions in the US according to a post on Engadget and the base model of these starts at $349, but then it only comes with 512MB of memory, a 4GB SSD and no webcam. The slightly better model comes with an 8GB SSD and a 0.3Megapixel webcam for $399. There's no word if either of these models will have Bluetooth, but they come with 802.11b/g WiFi.

We suggest you head over to your local Dell website if you're interested in getting one, although we don't think Dell has brought out anything that will cause the already established netbook makers to lose too much sleep.

Update: The UK page has gone live since we wrote this and there are no differences to the UK model compared to the European model.

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