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Gigabyte United is no more

by on01 September 2008


Wellcome back Gigabyte Technology

After its failed joint venture with Asus, Gigabyte has decided to merge its motherboard and graphics card division back with the rest of the company, so from October, Gigabyte United is no more. The motherboard and graphics card division will as such once more be part of Gigabyte Technology, although exactly what impact this will have on the overall business for Gigabyte is something we'll have to wait and see.

There has already been some internal changes at Gigabyte to try to streamline things, although this doesn't mean any layoffs, as there aren't any redundant staff. From what we've heard, there has just been some management and department changes to make certain departments more efficient when it comes to internal procedures.

Hopefully this will lead to even better products from Gigabyte and hopefully this streamlining will allow for the right resources to be used for the right product development, as what many of you might not know, is that there has been a lot of cross-over when it comes to product development in certain sectors of Gigabyte when there was two companies. For example, the GK-K8000 gaming keyboard was developed by the graphics card department, as it was felt that Gigabyte needed such a product, but due to various internal issues, it couldn't be developed by the peripherals department.

Nonetheless, it now seems like Gigabyte is back on track and it'll be interesting to see what this re-merger will bring in the future. Here's hoping for even better products from one of the top motherboard manufacturers.

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