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Four U2 Songs 'released' on the Internet

by on18 August 2008


Stick it, Paul McGuinness

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combo U2's manager, Paul McGuinness, is famous for ranting against music piracy online. But it looks like his key crooner Bono might be responsible for four new songs that were released online.

According to the Sun newspaper U2 front man Bono was caught playing the songs a bit too loudly on his stereo at his villa in the south of France. A passerby recorded what he heard and posted them to YouTube. The tracks did not stay on the site long, but long enough.

Apparently, they come from a forthcoming album called, "No Line On The Horizon"--and includes the title track, "Sexy Boots," "Moment Of Surrender," and "For Your Love."

Of course, the badly recorded songs are all over the Internet. Maybe someone as old as Bono should be listening to his music turned down a bit, although he seems to have reached the age where he is playing it as loud as your Gran's television.
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