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SilverStone DA750

by on02 March 2007


High amps, one +12V rail

released a new 750W Decathlon series power supply with a single +12V rail with 60A at 50°C. New PSU is a 100% modular, so even the main 24/20-pin motherboard can get unplugged.

Beside all the regular connectors it has a new 8 pin PCI-E connector and quad PCI-E 6 pin connector. Cooling is done by a silent 120mm fan tuned to perfection. It has active PFC, with PSU efficiency greater then 80%.



The SST-DA750 will be available in Europe from beginning of March 2007, with recommended price of 150 EUR.

This PSU is for the enthusiast and normal user who like to overclock his system or put as many devices as possible into a system without getting problems with too low Ampere at a +12V rail.

More information on SilverStone.

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